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Terms of Service

01. Unless otherwise agreed, all advertising orders are to be processed within one year of completion.

02. Discounts are only granted for advertisements that appear within one year.

03. Changes to the advertising tariff also come into effect for ongoing deals and for existing orders.

04. Placement requests will be taken into account whenever possible, but are only mandatory when calculating the stated placement surcharges.

05. The publisher guarantees that the advertisements will be reproduced correctly in terms of printing technology, provided that the printing material provided to them allows this. The publisher is not liable for defects and damage to the printing documents that only become noticeable during the printing process.

06. The client is liable for the word and image content of the advertisements. The acceptance of the order will only be rejected according to uniform principles due to the content, the origin or the technical form. The client will be informed of the rejection immediately.

07. In the case of advertisements placed by telephone or changes made, as well as inadequate documents, the publisher accepts no liability for the correctness of the reproduction.

08. If, on the other hand, the reason for significant printing defects lies with the publisher, he will provide a replacement in the form of a replacement advertisement or, if the purpose of the advertisement can no longer be fulfilled, by granting an appropriate discount.

09. Control prints are only made on express request. If the control prints are not returned in due time, approval for printing is deemed to have been granted. The client is also liable for the timely receipt of the printing documents in the case of fixed dispositions.

10. The processing fee or the production of printing documents are not part of the advertising price; the client has to pay these separately.

11. The customer bears the costs for the delivery of the drafts, drawings, films and other printing documents that have been ordered, as well as significant changes to the originally agreed versions. The obligation to store the printing material provided ends four weeks after the last advertisement has appeared, unless another agreement has been expressly made.

12. The invoices are to be paid 14 days after receipt of the invoice minus a 3% discount. Free receipts will only be sent with an invoice value of € 300, - excl. Taxes per insertion. In the event of default in payment or deferral, the usual bank interest and collection costs will be charged. The publisher can postpone the execution of the order until payment has been made. The publisher reserves the right to take legal action after a written or telephone reminder has been issued for an invoice that is due.

13. In the event of operational disruptions or interventions due to force majeure, the publisher is entitled to full payment.

14. Even during the term of an advertisement, the publisher is entitled to make the appearance of further advertisements dependent on the advance payment of the amount and the settlement of any invoices, regardless of an originally agreed payment term and without this giving rise to any claims against the publisher for the client.

15. The publisher deducts a rate of 5% of the invoice amount for each calendar day in which the delivery time is exceeded for delays in delivery caused by the supplier. If there is a delay in delivery of 14 days, the respective delivery will no longer be accepted by the publisher and will not be paid for.

16. A cancellation fee of 85% of the order value will be charged for order cancellations that are made through no fault of the publisher on the part of the client.

17. Text notes against payment are marked with "Advertisement", "Promotion" or "Advertisement".

18. The place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Vienna, Austria.